Who are you? Birder or Photographer?

Be Clear about what your aim is… Its all about knowing who you are and where your heart lies. Bird Watcher or Photographer?? I used to ask the above question to myself a lot of times and it is only in the last few years that I haven’t been troubled by it. The more I see people posting just sharp portraits of birds online, the more I think about this question. Its a question that you need
Acne on the Image

KYC #8: Acne on the Sensor

Acne on the Image   Do you know what sun-spots are? Forget technically, but to the human eye they look like dark dark tiny spots on the sun. Sensor spots/dust have a similar feel on the image. Have you ever come across a set of images that have a tiny out of focus black dot repeated at the same place? Well, if you have then you know our friend, the sensor spot. If you want

KYC #7 : How fast can your camera click

The Modern day DSLR come with some astonishing figures in terms of how fast they can click. For those of you who are unaware about your cameras capabilities, here is what you want to look for. There are two concepts that you need to understand  in-order to calculate the speed at which your camera can click. FPS (Frames Per Second) and Burst Rate. Frames Per Second :  If you go through the camera specs, you
Mrs Humes Pheasant

Underexpose for speed? Use the ISO

ISO vs Under-Exposure – A Noisy Battle Imagine yourself in a tiger reserve at the fag end of the day with light going low rapidly. You are struggling to keep up the shutter speeds (cranked the ISO to 1600 already) and a tiger decides to pay you a visit. You have a full grown male tiger walking head on to you and you are getting shutter speeds of 1/100th. Just not good enough for a moving subject.

KYC#6 : Why aren’t all my focus points enabled?

Let’s assume that you have a camera which claims that it has 51 focus points.    You attach a 300 f/2.8 on it and you can select any of the 51 focus points. So far so good. Next you go to shoot some birds and choose to a lens like the 500 f/4. Now it seems that you are allowed to select only 30 focus points. Furthermore, you go for a 500mm with a 1.4 TC
Level and Histogram Humes Groundpecker

#PP1 – A Bad Monitor!

This is my first post about Post-Processing. I have been resisting on posting anything on post-processing because I feel that this is a topic that would be better suited to the video format of blogs and hopefully I will soon come up with a new video-series about post-processing in wildlife photography. Having said that, there was this incident last week that forces me to post this one. A few days back one of my friends
Eclipse Mirror Lockup

KYC #5 : Lock it up – Mirror?

There are a lot of features in your camera that we do not use often and don’t know much about. Today we talk about ‘Mirror Lock-up’.  Did you know that your camera comes with a feature named mirror lock-up? So lets see how does one reach this feature and what does it do… Enabling Mirror Lockup: Nikon Guys have it easy – Just lookup ‘Mup’ or MLU on your command dial Canon guys, Here are a couple

Are you on Aperture priority?

Most of the people I come across in the field seem to be using Aperture priority. So is that an issue? No not really, not unless you do not know why you are on Aperture Priority. A lot of people end up being on Aperture priority not because they want to control the DoF, no, they end up being on Aperture priority and setting up a maximum aperture value always, because they are using this mode because

KYC #4 : What does the Histogram say

Graphs and numbers sometimes can be a little intimidating. Histogram is one graph that is anything but that. If I can understand it, I’m sure most people can. Let me try and explain what I understand of the histogram – To me it is  : “A graph that plots the luminosity of each pixel on my sensor on a scale from 0 to 255”. The Histogram comes in form of an overall Luminance and also for

The Monsoons and your Camera – Part 2 : Rain

Here is the 2nd part of my Camera Care in Monsoon series. If you haven’t gone through the first part, do check it Here. For this part, we concentrate on Rain. Rain is a time to pack your cameras, right? Well that’s how it was until this year. I’d suggest this year, take your cameras out in the rain. Yes, you have to be extra cautious about the equipment so in this blog post lets take a