Camera Froze? Panic Attack!!

Imagine you are on the field and clicking something when suddenly the camera hangs. It just stops responding. Looks like a piece of stone and definitely behaves like one.

What do you do?

Well, firstly don’t panic. There are a couple of things that you could try before calling it a day

Attempt 1 : This one is the most common issue that I have seen. Do you use a vertical grip? Please check if the vertical grip is screwed-in completely. A lot of times the screw comes loose thus releasing the connect with the battery socket. Tighten it and get back to shooting.

Attempt 2 : Did you just change a lens? Even otherwise, there is no harm in trying to clean the contacts on the lens and the camera once. A miscommunication between the lens and the camera is another common reason why your camera stops clicking. So pick up that cleaning cloth that you have and give it a go.

Attempt 3 : Do a camera reset. It is an option available in the camera menu or generally also available as an option on the camera body. For e.g. with some cameras, there are two buttons on the body that have a green dot next to them. Pressing both of them together would trigger the camera reset.

Attempt 4 : If the camera is just not responding at all, do the following

  • Step 1 : Switch off the camera.
  • Step 2 : Remove the battery / battery grip
  • Step 3 : Your camera generally has another battery, a persistent battery, generally slotted in inside the battery unit, right next to the hinge. Remove that as well

     Now give your camera a good 10 minutes to reset completely and then switch it on again. Hope that helps.

Hopefully things would be good to go . If not, yes then you can panic 🙁 as you camera might have to go to the service center.

Just a piece of advice. When you are going out for a photography tour, there is no harm in carrying an extra camera body for such situations. Rent one, or borrow from your friends 🙂


Keep Clicking guys

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