Wildlife Photography – Its more than Passport Images

ouchEver came across these – Wow! How Sharp is that! Awesome, look at the details, you can see each and every feather. This must be very difficult, right?


Too often in the past have I seen people going crazy over the amount of details in an image or the perfect portrait of that bird sitting on a branch.  Yes, true, it is good to have those perfect images and it does require a certain amount of skill in getting those but that is not the end of photography is it? In fact, that’s where it starts.


I see a lot of newcomers getting obsessed about these mug shots to the point of no return. It is important to know how to click tack-sharp images (easy bit) but it is far more important to know how to make your images talk to people and that may or may not mean sharp images (far more challenging).

Your photographs should hold true to that age old adage – ‘A photograph speaks a thousand words’.

Take a look at a few of the images below where you will notice how including more of the surroundings adds a lot to the images in themselves.

_MG_4503sambar Blackbuck Velavadar

Does it mean that closeups and clean shots are always bad?

No, not at all, but don’t stop at them or get stuck at them.

So next time you go out on a trip, take that smaller lens with you as well. It is not always about getting close to the subject. A lot of times it is also about getting close to nature and depicting that in your images.

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