Shutter Limit Option and Manual Mode

When one starts photography, it is a great practice to stick to the Aperture or Shutter Priority modes. It gets you used to the system and ensures you don’t get bogged down with too many things.

Not that there is any harm in sticking to those modes for ever (I still do) but there are an increasing number of people who have asked me this query about can we use the Manual mode with a limit set?

Here are the steps to setup your camera for this mode.

  1. Most of your cameras can have the ISO set to Auto – Do that
  2. Set a Maximum limit for the ISO – Set it based on your understanding of the cameras noise handling.
  3. Most of your cameras have a minimum shutter speed value – Set it 

With this setup, the shutter speed will never go under the desired value unless the ISO limit is reached as a default behavior in most cameras.

You can keep controlling the aperture and the camera will keep changing the ISO to ensure that the shutter speed is maintained to that minimum level at-least. 

As long as you are comfortable with the idea of camera controlling the ISO, this might work well for you. Give it a go and decide for yourself.

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